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Java Binary-Heap Based on ArrayList
An example implementation of a binary-heap in Java based on an ArrayList with test cases.
2015-04-23 11:41:00.0 | by John H.
Binary Search Tree (BST) Pre-Order Iterator
A sample implementation of a pre-order iterator for a Binary Search Tree (BST) in Java.
2015-04-20 13:28:04.0 | by John H.
Round Robin Iterator of Iterators in Java
An example of how to create an iterator of iterators which outputs all values fairly in a round-robin manner.
2015-04-19 22:16:02.0 | by John H.
Spring SPEL Expression Templates (SQL Example)
An example of how to generate SQL based on Spring SPEL expression templates in Java.
2015-04-17 16:14:19.0 | by John H.
Actian Vector Parallel Query "With" Clause
Demonstrates how to check your processor-cores per query default and how to override it per query via SQL or vectorwise.conf.
2015-04-15 14:32:29.0 | by John H.
Vector(wise) QSF Dynamic Memory Pool Exhausted Errors
This tutorial walks you through what QSF is in Action Vector, why you get errors with it, and how to mitigate them.
2015-04-14 17:42:55.0 | by John H.
Incremental Updates and PDT Issues Vector(wise)
Information on incremental updates in Action/Ingres Vectorwise and what pitfalls to watch out for with regard to PDTs.
2015-04-14 13:49:13.0 | by John H.
LRU Cache Based on LinkedHashMap
Demonstrates a very concise LRU cache implementation based on a Java LinkedHashMap.
2015-04-12 13:30:01.0 | by John H.
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