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Graph BFS (Breadth-First-Search) & Shortest Path
A sample graph supporting breadth-first-search and shortest-path functions.
2015-03-22 19:01:27.0 | by John H.
Fibonacci in Java
A simple implementation of the Fibonacci algorithm using Java.
2015-03-22 19:00:51.0 | by John H.
Factorial in Java
A simple implementation of a facotrial algorithm in Java.
2015-03-22 18:59:56.0 | by John H.
Remove Node From Middle of Singly Linked List
Remove a node from the middle of a singly linked list without traversing it.
2015-03-22 18:59:32.0 | by John H.
The Comparable Interface
An example class implementing comparable and being used in Collections.sort().
2015-03-22 18:58:57.0 | by John H.
Binary Tree Depth
Find the depth of a given binary tree.
2015-03-22 18:58:03.0 | by John H.
Reverse a Java String
Reverse a Java string manually, using no library functions.
2015-03-22 18:57:37.0 | by John H.
Mirror Image of Binary Tree
Takes a binary tree and alters it to generate the mirror image of that tree.
2015-03-22 18:56:59.0 | by John H.
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